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Event Name: Conspiracies in Green (Dresden Files LARP)
Event Description: The world of The Dresden Files is very similar to our own in many ways, but in this world magical things exist alongside our iphones and internet, trolls lurk under the bridge we zip over with our electric cars, and dark forces really do conspire in teh shadows. This is the world of hidden powers, corruption and heroism, and the ever ongoing struggle of the Light against the Dark. This is the world we will set our tale in for this game, Bakuretsucon 2017: Dresden Files LARP : Conspiracies in Green. For centuries, a darkness has grown beneath a small isolated home in rural Vermont. Its presence has gone almost undetected, and if not for the actions of a single wizard fifty years ago, a great deal of harm might have come from it passing undetected. But thanks to that wizard, no dark day occurred in 1967. Unfortunately, fifty years is a long time, and once again the darkness grows. This time, a mixed collection of individuals, called together by favors, inducements, and outright bribes by the wizard may bring things to a more solid end... or bring the darkness out into the open, for good or ill. Only your actions will tell what comes next... Shadow Paragon Productions uses the FATE RPG system for the majority of our rules; the powers list comes from the Dresden Files RPG system, both of these are products of Evil Hat Productions (www.evilhat.com) We are test-driving the rules here at Bakuretsucon and you can be one of the first to try our take on things! We're not promising everything polished up, there's likely to be some exposed wiring and clunks in the engine, but we promise to try and bring you a good time! The rules will be explained on-site, characters will be provided, all you need to bring is you!