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Event Name: Bakuretsu High LARP
Event Description: Bakuretsu High 2017 Season Episode XVII: Storytime at Bakuretsu High With another year begun, the students of Bakuretsu High School are at it again! The school is in trouble and it's up to the students to save it! Old friends and foes will make appearances, and entirely new threats will come to light. The strange things that have been seen in the halls seem to remind you of storybook characters, but obviously that can’t be true… or can it? Bakuretsu High is a live action roleplaying game, run by Dark Duality Productions using a variant of the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" system (published by Guardians of Order). For more details, email bakuretsuhigh@gmail.com which is also where you can email to request a character from your favorite anime/manga be created or set aside for you. Pre-generated characters will be provided, and a limited number of custom characters will be created on-site. (Really.. I mean it this time...) Cosplaying is encouraged, but not required. This Season of Bakuretsu High adds: -Something Wrong With Mr. Black! -More of your favorite anime characters to play! -Stories come to life, both good and bad! -More club intrigue! Don't Miss It!