2014 Guests

Monica Rial

Monica Rial has been working in the anime voice over industry for 15 years. According to Anime News Network, she is currently the most prolific anime voice actress in the USA. As an actress for ADV Films, Funimation Entertainment, and Sentai Filmworks she has lent her voice to over 300 anime including: Air (Misuzu), Another (Mei), Baccano! (Chane), Black Butler (Mei Rin), Certain Magical Index (Index), E.F. a Tale of Memories (Chihiro), Excel Saga (Hyatt), Fairy Tail (Mirajane), Full Metal Panic! (Kyoko), Hetalia (Belarus), High School of the Dead (Shizuka), Maria Holic (Maria); Mass Effect: Paragon Lost (Treeya), Majestic Prince (Tamaki), Michiko & Hatchin (Michiko), Negima (Konoka/Kazumi/Satsuki), One Piece (Tashigi/Karu/Kuina), Ouran Host Club (Renge), Noir (Kirika), Panty and Stocking (Stocking), Princess Jellyfish (Mayaya), Sergeant Frog (Momoka), Shinchan (Ai), Shuffle (Asa), Tsubasa (Sakura), Watamote (Tomoko), Witchblade (Maria) and many more. She appeared on Toonami in Deadman Wonderland (Shiro), Casshern Sins (Ringo), Soul Eater (Tsubaki) and FMA Brotherhood (May Chang). You can also catch her as Bulma in Dragonball Z Kai on Nicktoons and the CW as well as in the movie .Battle of Gods.. She has also appeared in several video games including Ms. .Splosion Man, Comic jumper, Smite, and Borderlands 2. Be sure to come by and say hello!

David Williams, Sentai Filmworks

David Williams has been in the anime industry for over 20 years doing everything from subtitling to DVD production, marketing to ADR directing. As an ADR director with ADV Films, he directed shows such as D.N.Angel, Angelic Layer, Pretear, Najica Blitz Tactics and many others too numerous to list. He is currently working with Sentai Filmworks where he has helped to bring out titles such as, High School of the Dead, Angel Beats, Clannad and many others. He has authored hundreds of DVDs and BDs, subtitled more shows than he can count and been instrumental in bringing hundreds of shows to the US.

Hitomi Himekawa & Rainbow Bubble Girls

Rainbow Bubble is an International girls idol band that based in NYC area. Rainbow Bubble will have it's own music production in 2013, music written and produced by Hitomi Himekawa. Music style covers pop, J-pop, Dance, Electron, Rock, and others. Hitomi grew up in Brooklyn with many great music influences. Her father is a Romanism Pianist in New York. Hitomi is into Japanese culture because she wants to find "part of herself and where she is from". At the age of 14 she started to write lyrics in Japanese. Her original song list includes Rhythm of Rain, Moonlight, Rainbow Bubble, and Thousand Year Loneliness. All of which are loved by fans and show her knowledge of different styles of music.

Scott Melzer (NoN.D.E. Fanfilms)

Scott is the head writer and director of the anime fan parody group NoN.D.E. Fanfilms. An anime fan since birth in 1966, Scott grew up on Speed Racer and Star Blazers, having no idea of the shows' origins. In college he learned the truth: they were Japanese, and there were uncut versions of these shows! And there were conventions! Rabid otakunization soon followed. In 2001 he tried his hand at directing fan parodies, and the homage to fans and fandom "This Is Otakudom" was the result, followed by "S.T.E.A.M.: The Movie" in 2005 and "Fanboy Soze" in 2011. Scott is currently developing his fourth film and spreads the joy of parodies by showing screenings of Abridged shows and Fan Parodies at cons along the east coast.

Marie Godyn (NoN.D.E. Fanfilms)

Marie is a voice actress for the anime fan parody group NoN.D.E. Fanfilms. She debuted in 2001 as the voice of Jesse in "This Is Otakudom." Her love of anime fueled her desire to study the art and culture of Japan at Bard College. Throughout her life experiences, a fantastic interest in Japan never waned. If the world of Japanese demons, dolls, and samurai interest you and you would like to know more then join one of the panels that she is running this year! Not so secretly, she continues to indulge in binge watching various anime series. Additionally, she is currently brainstorming on ways she can assist Scott Melzer with the newest NoN.D.E. Fanfilms parody.