PAX East and Anime Boston...

This a place you can talk about conventions in general. There are several in the New England area now.
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PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby Lexxifire » Fri Oct 07, 2011 5:20 pm

So, to start I am an avid con attender.
I have been to most every convention in the New England area and tend to plan things like an evil mastermind to make sure I can get to all of them one way or another. I also have different groups of friends that go with me to each one who always look forward to the trip.

That all being said, I just realized recently that 2 of the conventions I go to are scheduled for the same dates.
Anime Boston, the fan-based, non-profit con full of magic and wonder
and PAX East, the game and media based con that is a gamer's paradise.

Both scheduled for April 6th through the 8th.

This sparked something very pressing in my mind when I realized that was two conventions and two different sets of friends with their hearts set on going. I talked to them both to weigh their opinions and gained the same answer; they both want to go to the conventions they always go to. Neither wants to go to the other convention or go between them because they can't afford it.

So there in lies the epic problem.
What do I do? Which do I go to?
How do I go to both and make everyone happy without any problems?

There's also the possibility that AB is going to change its dates (so I've heard) but until then I am stuck with a problem that caused me to burn my lunch and spill my orange juice....

Any ideas?

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Re: PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby pettruchio » Sat Oct 08, 2011 11:43 pm

My suggestion is to visit AB's forum. A while ago, I was on there and heard the news that AB and PAX were sharing a weekend in Boston. My thought is epic cosplayers will take over the entire city and therefore I must attend with camera in hand. However as I was reading through fans' opinions, there was (COMPLETE FAN BASED!!) talk about having the two cons do something about a shared badge for a few dollars more or something. This may or may not actually happen, however some of the AB staff said that both cons' staff members were discussing different options.

I will be attending AB since I love the convention and I have never been to PAX, but I can guarantee I will be spending time hunting cosplayers from both cons down to get pictures.
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Re: PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby Momiji-k » Wed Oct 26, 2011 9:12 pm

First off I have never attended PAX because it hasn't been something I would be able to work into my schedule. There is also the fact that I have heard it is very expensive. Personally I would attend Anime Boston. As previously mentioned it is non-profit and for fans. Maybe PAX is too... but usually that kind of convention is for profit and more interested in making money than caring about the fans.

The biggest reason I can give for supporting AB is that it has been in Boston for what will be 10 years in 2012 and I think it is rude for another convention to come in and set up camp right on top of them!! PAX just doesn't care about anyone but themselves, if they did they would have contacted AB to find out about scheduling (AB has at least 2 years listed ahead of time if not more).

I would support AB if given the choice. Since I will be in the dealer's room that is a moot point. But if I were coming as a fan I'd still choose AB.
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Re: PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby Kirin Folken » Thu Oct 27, 2011 11:52 am

Gotta throw my chips in with AB on this one as well. 10 years of AB, a more fan based convention, and its not that AB moved, its PAX moved on top of AB. Thats just plan rude :x

The Few people that I know go to both say they enjoy AB more then PAX. But its up to you of course... which type is more your cup of tea. Thats the convention I would go to.
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Re: PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby lordofvt » Thu Oct 27, 2011 3:19 pm

Im definetly going to be at Anime Boston (staffing yet again) this year, and no one is moving their dates. Anime Boston has their dates announced for the next few years, and along them signed contracts for the Hynes. It would cost A LOT to move from those dates so thats not happening.

What PAX and AB are going to be working together this year to throw the biggest nerdfest Boston has ever seen. It should be EPIC! Lots of people will be going to PAX during the day and AB at night. PAX has been running hotel busses that go to the Sheraton in the past and I can only see this continueing. Can't say for certain but I belive PAX will have a booth selling badges at AB and AB will be at PAX East doing the same. So you don't have to choose one over the other, you can have the best of both.
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Re: PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby Momiji-k » Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:43 pm

That sounds ideal except where money is concerned. As someone who has a family if I were the type of person who wanted to do both we could simply not afford it. It would be really hard to afford 2 badges for yourself but to purchase 2 badges for each person in your family.....

So in that case a lot of people are still going to have to chose.
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Re: PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby XxShugoTenshixX » Sun Mar 25, 2012 6:48 am

I had a very long eloquent post typed up and then the forums decided to log me out and I'm not crafting another up because it's 6:30 in the morning and I have work at 11 am and haven't slept yet. I'm not here to bash AB or whatever (I love Adam and Patrick dearly), but after the most miserable con experience of my life at AB '09 I had vowed never to go back to Boston.

PAX East changed my life. I joined their staff of volunteers (Enforcers) last year and have never been treated so well in my life. These folks will bend over backwards to make sure you're having a good time. Long wait in line? We have a group of improv and generally hilarious people who will come keep you entertained. That's literally their whole job all weekend. Our team is made up of professionals and regular students and people of all ages, we're all there because we love gaming and making sure everyone enjoys themselves. We've got a huge Expo Hall that has atleast doubled in size since last year filled with big names and indie companies alike, Console Free Play, a PC Area with a Bring Your Own PC place, Handheld Lounge, Classic Console Gaming, tabletop, panels and concerts galore. The organization of this con is impeccable and it has been one of the smoothest I've had the pleasure of working. This is a convention that is run by fans, created by fans who just happened to also have their own online comic. They looked at the world and realized there weren't any gaming conventions and decided to make one. I have stood next to Mike and Jerry in the Expo hall as they just walked around like regular attendees enjoying themselves. I enjoyed my experience working for them so much that I spent a big chunk of money flying to Seattle to volunteer for PAX Prime, and I'm taking time off work to do PAX East again this year. I love this convention that much. Everyone was wonderful, Enforcers, guests and attendees alike.

The price is pretty much the same for both conventions and the BCEC is much larger from what I understand (**EDIT: Just checked attendance for AB last year it was 19,136 and PAX East was over 70,000, and that it not any kind of exaggeration. When PAX was at the Hynes in 2010 they had 52,290**) so at PAX while you know it's crowded, you're not constantly bumping into people. Wheaton's Law (Don't Be A Dick) is invoked at all times, so there's not wank left, right and center. PAX's motto is 'Welcome Home' because everyone here is an equal, you're stepping into a safe space with a bunch of nerds whose intrests are wide and varied just like your own.

As for the timing, I have a lot of things I could say about it, but I found someone else on another forum put it well-- 'Double-booking like this isn't any better for PAXEAST than it is for Anime Boston. Mistakes like this happen because the booking window in the spring is obscenely small, and consequently multi-year deals are signed way in advance to head off the possibility of "losing your spot" and having to schedule earlier in the spring when the weather/attendance might be crappier.'

Robert Khoo himself posted on the matter-- ... t_18678526

And I also enjoy this post-- 'If you want to go to AB so badly, go to that and not PAX. But do not blame PAX for this. It isn't as though AB is the only one allowed to have a convention in Boston. And they're not BOTH anime cons. One is anime. One is video games and comics, developers, and geek culture. They're actually quite different. No convention gets priority over a city.

What you're saying is almost like saying "omg. my BEST FRIEND who is 21 is having a birthday party this weekend. But this other person I know who was born on the same day, but is only turning 18 is having THEIR party the SAME DAY! HOW RUDE!" know what I mean? it's just sort of a silly argument just go to whichever you feel is more important to you. But please, be logical and reasonable here.'

In the end, do what you want. If you want to go to PAX dressed up like Haruhi and play the 3DS Kid Icarus demo, go for it. If you want to go to AB dressed up as Nathan Drake and hug a Jigglypuff, good for you man. I'll be in the bottom left corner of the PAX East Expo Hall map working as an Exhibitor's Assistant for five booths, come say hi.
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Re: PAX East and Anime Boston...

Postby LantisEscudo » Tue Mar 27, 2012 1:16 am

XxShugoTenshixX wrote:(**EDIT: Just checked attendance for AB last year it was 19,136 and PAX East was over 70,000, and that it not any kind of exaggeration. When PAX was at the Hynes in 2010 they had 52,290**)

I do want to make one note about this. PAX reports turnstile attendance, where if a person attends three days, they are counted three times. AB reports a warm body count, where a person is only counted once, no matter how many days they attend. It's kind of an important distinction when you're comparing numbers. :)

That said, attend whichever one tickles your fancy more this year, or both if you can afford it and have the time. I'll be at AB, since I have little interest in video games (last non-casual PC game I played was Sid Meyers Pirates! and my most recent console is a PS2). My brother will be at PAX, since he has little interest in anime.

AB's announced dates through 2015 already, PAX doesn't announce next year's dates until this year's event, but I'm pretty sure both cons are working hard to not be on the same weekend again in the future.

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