I am disappointed in this year's contest

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I am disappointed in this year's contest

Postby pettruchio » Mon Oct 24, 2011 8:04 pm

There were some really great amvs in this year's contest. (To the editor Shin: your AMVs are brilliant!! I loved them!!) I was extremely disappointed in some of the videos though; especially two: The video that won best action and the Hetalia video.

My gripe against the action video Disneyland on Acid was the fact that it had some footage in it that was definitely more mature than PG-13. As an adult I was sickened by that and when my younger friend was watching the winners I had to cover her eyes due to unbelievably graphic content in a portion of it. The video itself was well made (not my thing, but well made) but some of the content in that video should not have been shown as a PG-13 rated show.

My chief complaint though is with the Hetalia video. This video was completely tasteless and disrespectful. Congratulations Hetalia fans, once again you have shown no consideration to those hurt by tragic events of the past. I am extremely upset that the editor of this video used actual footage of the Enola Gay in order to win a contest. The term Japanese Anime Convention is defined by celebrating Japanese culture and the anime we love. You used actual footage of an event that put the US to shame by killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in a tragic, horrific war. And I was told that you put that footage in a second edited video in order to try to win the contest since your original video didn't have it there. Congratulations, you won....not only the contest, but my complete disrespect for you.

I openly boycott all things Hetalia after the incident at Anime Boston a few years ago. This is my own personal decision and I don't shove it in people's faces if they choose to like and support the series. However I can't believe that this editor would be so crass as to do what she did. Also I am extremely disappointed in the fact that the video made the cut into the contest. There are a lot of comedy amvs that I don't like. There are certain types of humor that I just don't find funny. But this sort of "humor" that was used in this Hetalia video was hurtful, inconsiderate and disgusting. By using the footage that was there, this editor sent the message to every viewer that she is in support of the fact that the US dropped an atomic bomb on Japan and killed not only Japanese soldiers but also hundreds of thousands of innocents caught in the crossfire. This was an example of complete lack of respect for the Japanese culture that we are supposed to be celebrating at this convention. The fact that the video was made and put into this contest proves that there is a lack of respect for human decency in this contest.

I love Bakuretsu Convention and I love amv contests at anime cons. I am an amv editor and I had three videos entered into this contest. I am grateful that my videos didn't win and unfortunately I will no longer be submitting videos to this contest. I don't want my name, my videos or my concepts to be associated with this sort of unbelievable disrespect for a culture I admire.
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Re: I am disappointed in this year's contest

Postby osurpless » Tue Oct 25, 2011 9:58 pm

A thorough analysis, but I don't think your objections are valid, speaking strictly from a historical point of view.

The Showa period in Japanese history is looked upon highly unfavorable by most in Japan, to the point that they are one of the sole nations whose post-war Constitution forbades the use of force for political purposes and maintain an army only for purposes of defense.

Now if you were to ask the Hetalia AMV editor what their specific intention was for including such an image, then you might have cause.

To me, complaining about such a thing is no different from believing the biggest joke about Japan in the South Park episode "Whale Whores" must be what the Japanese people are thinking.
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Re: I am disappointed in this year's contest

Postby Momiji-k » Wed Oct 26, 2011 8:33 am

First off, this is a completely VALID opinion. It is someone's feelings on this matter and YOUR opinion doesn't invalidate how someone else feels. You can disagree with her all you want but that is pretty presumptuous to think that you can invalidate someone else's thoughts!

I agree with her, it is disrespectful given this event is to celebrate Japan not laugh about their past mistakes and the results of them. I think including the bombing footage is very distasteful to show at an anime convention. Just imagine how it would have made us look if Boston's Deputy Consul General from Japan had walked in when that was showing. Because guess what, he WAS there and it was showing and I was told to keep him away from the room.

The bombing is a part of history and may or may not have been necessary to end a war. That feeling might need to be determined by each individual. But honestly, if someone made a video for an American Culture Convention and ended it with the planes crashing into the twin towers and then had the responsible party giving a big grin and thumbs up after words would you really think that was appropriate?

The AMV contest is for EVERYONE. I don't like that fact that my daughter wants to know why dropping a bomb on Japan is funny. Because IT'S NOT! I don't care what the creator thought the message was they were sending. The only thing that matters is the message that everyone draws from their own conclusions.
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Re: I am disappointed in this year's contest

Postby Kirin Folken » Wed Oct 26, 2011 7:57 pm

Im mostly in agreement with pettruchio and Con_Chair about this.

I won't debate the Bombing itself, thier are many factors involved. Thats a polictical discussion best debated by those in the know of what was going on during WWII. Its to easy for many people now a days to look back and point fingers without understand the whole picture of what was going on, and how choices made had global impacts.

The Contest however, needs to stay PG-13, and as a Anime/Japanese Convention showing real footage of blowing up Japan is just distastful to the extreme. Its not like thier isn't 10000 different anime nuke explosions they could of used instead and still got the basic effect they were looking for without showing the real bombing.

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