Suggestions for 2008

What's on tap? Planning is already moving along.
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Re: Suggestions for 2008

Postby Willow_the_Wanderer » Thu Sep 04, 2008 3:39 pm

I don't mind techno music, but let techno be techno and let Jpop/rock be Jpop/rock, and let there be BOTH, if you cna't play normal dance music.
Cotton eyejoe? Macarena? Thriller? Timewarp?

Anyhow, perhaps a comprimise Make an Artist's alley anex in the basement? Split the alley to two locations and see how that works?

... if you were to put the artists in the vendors room, where would you put the vendors?
As much as it narrows the halls, I think that the hall is a good place for Artist's alley.

I love doing Artist's alley at Baku and hope to keep doing it.
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Update on Suggestions Received

Postby Momiji-k » Sat Oct 04, 2008 2:49 pm

We wanted to let everyone know that we do listen to your suggestions and here is what we have done for this year (so far):

Someone will be selling glow sticks at the dance. (that someone being Jody aka Majik)

We could not move the Artist's Alley as we had no where else to put it. BUT we have made sure to keep the table count to only what could fit comfortably in the indentations in the wall. To help traffic flow we will ask that people not stop for pictures of costumes in the main hallway (pictures of the AA would have to be
an exception since it cannot move). We also listened to the idea of creating a new, second area for the Artist's Alley to handle more demand for tables.

The past two years we have had requests to add a PS3 to the video gaming room and we have.

Those who wanted more things to do during the cosplay will be pleased to know that we have added 2 new panel rooms so that we *can* have things for you to do.

For those wanting more choices in the Dealer's Room we have moved the art show to make space for a new vendor.

The new rating for the late night dating game is 17+ and still requires an official ID. The hentai screenings in the video rooms will of course remain at 18+.
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Re: Suggestions for 2008

Postby Hug Me! » Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:55 pm

Thank you for the dating game age change!
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