Legend of the Green Dragon, Come Play!

Since this is a popular subject I thought it deserved it's own place.
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Legend of the Green Dragon, Come Play!

Postby Luinta » Tue Jan 29, 2008 4:41 pm

I found an online game called Legend of the Green Dragon. it's a semi-spoof of Legend of the Red Dragon. It's a games that lets you choose your Sex, Race, and what Arts you dabble in. There are way to change your Race and Arts in the game, but I'll let you find those. ;p The game is more of a DnD style RPG than an MMO, but you can still interact with the other players, and even kill them if they are foolish enough to sleep in the field! XD

Heres a link for you: http://lotgd.allanime.org/referral.php?r=Luinta

Btw, if you use that link to make a new character, and that character someday gets to lvl5, I get 100 points! XD

It'll be a bit confusing at first, but give it a few real-time days, and you'll get the hang of it.

Btw, if you make a new character and don't log on, then after 72 hours that character gets deleted. BUT... If you make a character and log on a few times and do stuff, but never made it to level 2, you have 30 days before deletion. If you did make it to lvl 2 al east once, then you can go 45 days before deletion.

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